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EVENTO del 09 Aprile 2022



Saturday 9th April 2022 at 15:00 London Time (ore 16:00 in Italia)
Presented by the FIAP Photo Academy Online Events

Please register to attend by filling the form at this link: https://forms.gle/dtmywBZdkxntdvft6

Pierluigi Rizzato has been a photographer for over forty years, dedicating great passion and commitment to his work in nature photography. His images rely on a profound understanding of the characteristics of his subjects, which he has acquired through study and research, and patient observation on the field. Pierluigi holds the EFIAP/d3 and MFIAP distinctions and is currently the Director of the FIAP Ethics Service. In his own words he says...

I have been photographing for the last 40 years. My subjects are varied but mainly I concentrate on wildlife.
I have travelled all over the world, from Alaska to the Kamchatka, but my preferred area is Africa (more than 80 trips). In particular I love the Serengeti, in northern Tanzania, which I have visited 59 times.
Since the beginning, I have always organized the trips myself. I rent a 4WD car and I am the driver and the guide.
Once I find an interesting animal, family or pride I decide to follow it for many days. In other words, I'm used to live with the chosen animal and this means hours and hours, often several days, of waiting for... an event.
In my opinion, the most important issue for a wildlife photographer is knowledge of the subject that he wants to shoot.
And I can improve my knowledge... living together with the subject. V
ery often it happens that I succeed in predicting what will be the behaviour of an animal sometime later. This lets me to decide where to position the car, in such a way to be in the best situation to take pictures.



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Venerdì 13.01.2023
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Sabato 14.01.2023
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